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SQLGetPrivateProfileString (odbccp32)
Gets a list of names of values or data corresponding to a value of the system information (MSDN ODBC Programmer's Reference). This function works similarly to the GetProfileString() Win32 API function.

C# Signature:

[DllImport("odbccp32.dll", SetLastError=true)]
static extern int SQLGetPrivateProfileString(string lpszSection, string lpszEntry, string lpszDefault, [Out] char[] retBuffer, int cbRetBuffer, string lpszFileName);

VB Signature:

Declare Function SQLGetPrivateProfileString Lib "odbccp32.dll" (TODO) As TODO

User-Defined Types:


Sample Code:

This function persists a system data source with the provided name and connection string. Remember to add your own error checking mechanisms.

void UpdateDSN(string dataSourceName, string connStr)
    char[] value = new char[8192];

    // Try to retrieve the driver for the data source
    SQLGetPrivateProfileString(dataSourceName, "Driver", "", value, value.Length, "odbc.ini");

    // Set our configuration mode
    RequestFlags configMode = value[0] == '\0' ? RequestFlags.ODBC_ADD_SYS_DSN : RequestFlags.ODBC_CONFIG_SYS_DSN;

    // Connection string for SQLConfigDataSource must be null-
    // character delimited and double null-terminated
    string s = connStr.Replace(';', '\0');
    s += '\0';

    // Persist the data source
    SQLConfigDataSourceW(0, configMode, MY_DRIVER_NAME_STRING, s);


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