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sqldriverconnect (odbc32)
SQLDriverConnect is an alternative API to SQLConnect. The difference is that it can popup the dialog to ask the user for more information about the connection

C# Signature:

    public static extern short SQLDriverConnect(IntPtr  hdbc,
        IntPtr    hwnd,
        string          szConnStrIn,
        short     cbConnStrIn,
        StringBuilder szConnStrOut,
        short     cbConnStrOutMax,
        out short     pcbConnStrOut,
        ushort    fDriverCompletion);

VB Signature:

<Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport("odbc32.dll", CharSet:=Runtime.InteropServices.CharSet.Unicode)> _
    Private Shared Function SQLDriverConnect(ByVal hdbc As IntPtr, ByVal hwnd As IntPtr, ByVal szConnStrIn As String, _
    ByVal cbConnStrIn As Short, ByVal szConnStrOut As Text.StringBuilder, ByVal cbConnStrOutMax As Short, _
    <Runtime.InteropServices.Out()> ByRef pbcConnStrOut As Short, ByVal fDriverCompletion As Short) As Short
    End Function

User-Defined Types:

    //driver completion modes
    public const ushort SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT          = 0;
    public const ushort SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE          = 1;
    public const ushort SQL_DRIVER_PROMPT            = 2;
    public const ushort SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE_REQUIRED = 3;

    //return values
    public const short SQL_SUCCESS             =   0;
    public const short SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO   =   1;    
    public const short SQL_STILL_EXECUTING     =   2;
    public const short SQL_NEED_DATA           =  99;
    public const short SQL_NO_DATA             = 100;
    public const short SQL_ERROR               = (-1);
    public const short SQL_INVALID_HANDLE      = (-2);



Tips & Tricks:

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Sample Code:

    void driverConnect(string connstr, ushort driverCompletion)
        const short    MAX_CONNECT_LEN = 1024;
        StringBuilder  out_connect = new StringBuilder(MAX_CONNECT_LEN);
        string            in_connect  = connstr;
        short      len = 0;


        if (!isOK(SQLDriverConnect(connectionHandle,
            (short) in_connect.Length,
            out len,
                string msg  = GetError(IntPtr.Zero) + "\nconnection string:\n\t" + connstr;
                throw new Exception(msg);

    static bool isOK(int ret)
        return ret == SQL_SUCCESS || ret == SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO;

    string GetError(IntPtr stmt)
        StringBuilder state = new StringBuilder(256);
        StringBuilder msg   = new StringBuilder(256);

        int  native_error;
        short error_size;

        string lastError="";
        if (isOK(SQLError(environmentHandle,
            out native_error,
            (short) msg.Capacity,
            out error_size)))
            string err = msg.ToString();
            int bracketPos = err.LastIndexOf("]");
            lastError = err.Substring(bracketPos+1).Trim();
        return lastError;

    void init()
        if (!isAllocated)
            if (!isOK(SQLAllocEnv(out environmentHandle)))
                throw new Exception("Failed to allocate environment handle.");
            if (!isOK(SQLAllocConnect(environmentHandle, out connectionHandle)))
                throw new Exception("Failed to allocate connection handle.");
            isAllocated = true;

    void terminate()
        if (connectionHandle.ToInt32()!=0)
        if (connectionHandle.ToInt32()!=0)
            connectionHandle = IntPtr.Zero;
        if (environmentHandle.ToInt32()!=0)
            environmentHandle = IntPtr.Zero;
        isAllocated = false;

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