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NetShareEnum (netapi32)
Retrieves and enumerates over all shares on a specified machine. Can specify the amount of information gathered with the "level" parameter. The less info you get over a WAN the better because a server with 1000+ shares' information pulled over the network can be quite inefficient if you're getting a bunch of data you don't need.

C# Signature:

[DllImport("Netapi32.dll", CharSet=CharSet.Unicode)]
private static extern int NetShareEnum(
     StringBuilder ServerName,
     int level,
     ref IntPtr bufPtr,
     uint prefmaxlen,
     ref int entriesread,
     ref int totalentries,
     ref int resume_handle

VB Signature:

Declare Unicode Function NetShareEnum Lib "netapi32.dll" _
            (ByVal ServerName As StringBuilder, _
            ByVal level As Integer, _
            ByRef BufPtr As IntPtr, _
            ByVal prefmaxbufferlen As Integer, _
            ByRef entriesread As Integer, _
            ByRef totalentries As Integer, _
            ByRef resume_handle As Integer) As Integer

User-Defined Types:

if you use C# Sample code;
[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet=CharSet.Unicode)]
public struct SHARE_INFO_0
     public string shi0_netname;
const int NERR_Success = 0;


VB Def and Sample code added by RACKLEY

C# Def and Sample code added by K.MORONO

Tips & Tricks:

Please add some!

Sample Code:

Dim currentPtr As IntPtr
Dim BufPtr As IntPtr        'in
Dim dwEntriesread As Integer     'out
Dim dwTotalentries As Integer    'out
Dim dwResumehandle As Integer    'out
Dim nStructSize As Integer
Dim shi2 As SHARE_INFO_2
Dim cnt As Long         'share enumeration counter
Dim SvrNameBldr As New StringBuilder(ServerName)

retval = NetShareEnum(SvrNameBldr, 2, BufPtr, MAX_PREFERRED_LENGTH, dwEntriesread, dwTotalentries, dwResumehandle)

If retval = NERR_Success And retval <> ERROR_MORE_DATA Then
   currentPtr = BufPtr
   nStructSize = Marshal.SizeOf(GetType(SHARE_INFO_2))

   ' Enumerate over all shares on the server and find the any/all shares that point
   ' to c:\deletemeplease and delete those shares.
   For cnt = 0 To dwEntriesread - 1
     shi2 = Marshal.PtrToStructure(currentPtr, GetType(SHARE_INFO_2))
     If System.String.Compare(shi2.shi2_path, "c:\deletemeplease" True) = 0 Then
       DelRetVal = NetShareDel(ServerName, shi2.shi2_netname, 0)
     End If
     currentPtr = New IntPtr(currentPtr.ToInt32 + Marshal.SizeOf(GetType(SHARE_INFO_2)))

End If
Call NetApiBufferFree(BufPtr)

PUT TextBox control,ListBox control and Button control on your Form.

private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

     int entriesread = 0;
     int totalentries = 0;
     int resume_handle = 0;
     int nStructSize = Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(SHARE_INFO_0));
     IntPtr bufPtr = IntPtr.Zero;
     StringBuilder server = new StringBuilder(textBox1.Text);
     int ret = NetShareEnum(server,0,ref bufPtr,MAX_PREFERRED_LENGTH,ref entriesread,ref totalentries,ref resume_handle);
     if (ret == NERR_Success)
     IntPtr currentPtr = bufPtr;
     for (int i = 0;i<entriesread;i++)
         SHARE_INFO_0 shi0 = (SHARE_INFO_0)Marshal.PtrToStructure(currentPtr,typeof(SHARE_INFO_0));
         currentPtr = new IntPtr(currentPtr.ToInt32() + nStructSize);
     listBox1.Items.Add("失敗 = " + ret.ToString());

Alternative Managed API:

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See also NetApiBufferFree API.


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