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>Common questions and their answers
What is the wiki way for adding a link from one Wiki page to another?

I think putting square brackets around it will work

Here is a test Playground

also, every PascalCasedWord will be turned into a link. Check the Formatting Tips in the right column in edit mode

For additional help checkout the help pages at

Thanks jachymko. This wiki stuff is way cool

Why use IntPtr in PInvoke signatures when int (Integer) works just fine?

For pointer-sized entities such as handles, they must be defined such that they will be 32 bits on a 32-bit machine and 64 bits on a 64-bit machine. IntPtr (or UIntPtr) accomplishes this. The use of int will appear to be fine if you only run the code on a 32-bit machine, but will likely cause your application/component to crash as soon as it gets on a 64-bit machine.

How can I fetch a parameterized message from an externalized ".mc" resource file using FormatMessage function ? What is the va* arguments parameter that the FormatMessage API takes as an input and how do I pass this parameter in C# ?

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