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createic (gdi32)
The CreateIC function creates an information context for the specified device. The information context provides a fast way to get information about the device without creating a device context (DC). However, GDI drawing functions cannot accept a handle to an information context.



in Pointer to a null-terminated character string that specifies the name of the device driver (for example, Epson).


in Pointer to a null-terminated character string that specifies the name of the specific output device being used, as shown by the Print Manager (for example, Epson FX-80). It is not the printer model name. The lpszDevice parameter must be used.


This parameter is ignored and should be set to NULL. It is provided only for compatibility with 16-bit Windows.


in Pointer to a DEVMODE structure containing device-specific initialization data for the device driver. The DocumentProperties function retrieves this structure filled in for a specified device. The lpdvmInit parameter must be NULL if the device driver is to use the default initialization (if any) specified by the user.

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return value is the handle to an information context. If the function fails, the return value is NULL.

C# Signature:

static extern IntPtr CreateIC(string lpszDriver, string lpszDevice,
   string lpszOutput, IntPtr lpdvmInit);

User-Defined Types:



When you no longer need the information DC, call the DeleteDC function.

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