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WinNT (Constants)
Values from winnt.h

C# Constants:

private const Int32 ANYSIZE_ARRAY        = 1;
private const UInt32 TOKEN_QUERY         = 0x0008;
private const UInt32 TOKEN_ADJUST_PRIVILEGES = 0x0020;
private const string SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME    = "SeShutdownPrivilege";
private const UInt32 SE_PRIVILEGE_ENABLED    = 0x00000002;

private const uint FILE_SHARE_READ   = 0x00000001;
private const uint FILE_SHARE_WRITE  = 0x00000002;
private const uint FILE_SHARE_DELETE = 0x00000004;

private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY        = 0x00000001;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_HIDDEN          = 0x00000002;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SYSTEM          = 0x00000004;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY       = 0x00000010;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ARCHIVE         = 0x00000020;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DEVICE          = 0x00000040;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL          = 0x00000080;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY       = 0x00000100;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SPARSE_FILE     = 0x00000200;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_REPARSE_POINT       = 0x00000400;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_COMPRESSED      = 0x00000800;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE         = 0x00001000;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_CONTENT_INDEXED = 0x00002000;
private const uint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ENCRYPTED       = 0x00004000;

private const uint GENERIC_READ    = 0x80000000;
private const uint GENERIC_WRITE   = 0x40000000;
private const uint GENERIC_EXECUTE = 0x20000000;
private const uint GENERIC_ALL     = 0x10000000;

VB Constants:

Private Const ANYSIZE_ARRAY As Int32 = 1
Private Const TOKEN_QUERY As UInt32 = &H8
Private Const TOKEN_ADJUST_PRIVILEGES As UInt32 = &H20
Private Const SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME As String = "SeShutdownPrivilege"
Private Const SE_PRIVILEGE_ENABLED As UInt32 = &H2




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