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CB_ (Constants)
Messages you can send to combo boxes, either in an enum or defined as a series of constants

C# Enumeration:

public enum ComboBoxMessages

    CB_GETEDITSEL = 0x0140,
    CB_LIMITTEXT = 0x0141,
    CB_SETEDITSEL = 0x0142,
    CB_ADDSTRING = 0x0143,
    CB_DELETESTRING = 0x0144,
    CB_DIR = 0x0145,
    CB_GETCOUNT = 0x0146,
    CB_GETCURSEL = 0x0147,
    CB_GETLBTEXT = 0x0148,
    CB_GETLBTEXTLEN = 0x0149,
    CB_FINDSTRING = 0x014C,
    CB_SETCURSEL = 0x014E,
    CB_GETITEMDATA = 0x0150,
    CB_SETITEMDATA = 0x0151,
    CB_SETITEMHEIGHT = 0x0153,
    CB_GETITEMHEIGHT = 0x0154,
    CB_SETEXTENDEDUI = 0x0155,
    CB_GETEXTENDEDUI = 0x0156,
    CB_SETLOCALE = 0x0159,
    CB_GETLOCALE = 0x015A,
    CB_GETTOPINDEX = 0x015B,
    CB_SETTOPINDEX = 0x015C,
    CB_INITSTORAGE = 0x0161
    /*  CB_MSGMAX    = 0x0162*/

C# Constants:

public const int CB_GETEDITSEL        = 0x0140;
public const int CB_LIMITTEXT         = 0x0141;
public const int CB_SETEDITSEL        = 0x0142;
public const int CB_ADDSTRING         = 0x0143;
public const int CB_DELETESTRING      = 0x0144;
public const int CB_DIR           = 0x0145;
public const int CB_GETCOUNT          = 0x0146;
public const int CB_GETCURSEL         = 0x0147;
public const int CB_GETLBTEXT         = 0x0148;
public const int CB_GETLBTEXTLEN      = 0x0149;
public const int CB_INSERTSTRING      = 0x014A;
public const int CB_RESETCONTENT      = 0x014B;
public const int CB_FINDSTRING        = 0x014C;
public const int CB_SELECTSTRING      = 0x014D;
public const int CB_SETCURSEL         = 0x014E;
public const int CB_SHOWDROPDOWN      = 0x014F;
public const int CB_GETITEMDATA       = 0x0150;
public const int CB_SETITEMDATA       = 0x0151;
public const int CB_GETDROPPEDCONTROLRECT = 0x0152;
public const int CB_SETITEMHEIGHT     = 0x0153;
public const int CB_GETITEMHEIGHT     = 0x0154;
public const int CB_SETEXTENDEDUI     = 0x0155;
public const int CB_GETEXTENDEDUI     = 0x0156;
public const int CB_GETDROPPEDSTATE       = 0x0157;
public const int CB_FINDSTRINGEXACT       = 0x0158;
public const int CB_SETLOCALE         = 0x0159;
public const int CB_GETLOCALE         = 0x015A;
public const int CB_GETTOPINDEX       = 0x015B;
public const int CB_SETTOPINDEX       = 0x015C;
public const int CB_GETHORIZONTALEXTENT   = 0x015D;
public const int CB_SETHORIZONTALEXTENT   = 0x015E;
public const int CB_GETDROPPEDWIDTH       = 0x015F;
public const int CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH       = 0x0160;
public const int CB_INITSTORAGE       = 0x0161;
public const int CB_MSGMAX        = 0x0162;

VB Enumeration:

    Public Enum ComboBoxMessages As Integer
        CB_GETEDITSEL = &H140
        CB_LIMITTEXT = &H141
        CB_SETEDITSEL = &H142
        CB_ADDSTRING = &H143
        CB_DELETESTRING = &H144
        CB_DIR = &H145
        CB_GETCOUNT = &H146
        CB_GETCURSEL = &H147
        CB_GETLBTEXT = &H148
        CB_GETLBTEXTLEN = &H149
        CB_FINDSTRING = &H14C
        CB_SETCURSEL = &H14E
        CB_GETITEMDATA = &H150
        CB_SETITEMDATA = &H151
        CB_SETITEMHEIGHT = &H153
        CB_GETITEMHEIGHT = &H154
        CB_SETEXTENDEDUI = &H155
        CB_GETEXTENDEDUI = &H156
        CB_SETLOCALE = &H159
        CB_GETLOCALE = &H15A
        CB_GETTOPINDEX = &H15B
        CB_SETTOPINDEX = &H15C
        CB_INITSTORAGE = &H161
    End Enum

VB Constants:

    Public Const CB_GETEDITSEL As Integer = &H140
    Public Const CB_LIMITTEXT As Integer = &H141
    Public Const CB_SETEDITSEL As Integer = &H142
    Public Const CB_ADDSTRING As Integer = &H143
    Public Const CB_DELETESTRING As Integer = &H144
    Public Const CB_DIR As Integer = &H145
    Public Const CB_GETCOUNT As Integer = &H146
    Public Const CB_GETCURSEL As Integer = &H147
    Public Const CB_GETLBTEXT As Integer = &H148
    Public Const CB_GETLBTEXTLEN As Integer = &H149
    Public Const CB_INSERTSTRING As Integer = &H14A
    Public Const CB_RESETCONTENT As Integer = &H14B
    Public Const CB_FINDSTRING As Integer = &H14C
    Public Const CB_SELECTSTRING As Integer = &H14D
    Public Const CB_SETCURSEL As Integer = &H14E
    Public Const CB_SHOWDROPDOWN As Integer = &H14F
    Public Const CB_GETITEMDATA As Integer = &H150
    Public Const CB_SETITEMDATA As Integer = &H151
    Public Const CB_GETDROPPEDCONTROLRECT As Integer = &H152
    Public Const CB_SETITEMHEIGHT As Integer = &H153
    Public Const CB_GETITEMHEIGHT As Integer = &H154
    Public Const CB_SETEXTENDEDUI As Integer = &H155
    Public Const CB_GETEXTENDEDUI As Integer = &H156
    Public Const CB_GETDROPPEDSTATE As Integer = &H157
    Public Const CB_FINDSTRINGEXACT As Integer = &H158
    Public Const CB_SETLOCALE As Integer = &H159
    Public Const CB_GETLOCALE As Integer = &H15A
    Public Const CB_GETTOPINDEX As Integer = &H15B
    Public Const CB_SETTOPINDEX As Integer = &H15C
    Public Const CB_GETHORIZONTALEXTENT As Integer = &H15D
    Public Const CB_SETHORIZONTALEXTENT As Integer = &H15E
    Public Const CB_GETDROPPEDWIDTH As Integer = &H15F
    Public Const CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH As Integer = &H160
    Public Const CB_INITSTORAGE As Integer = &H161
    Public Const CB_MSGMAX As Integer = &H162


The value of CB_MSGMAX may change depending on the version of windows

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