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/* The SHMessageBoxCheck() function is a Windows Shell API function that displays a custom messagebox with a "never ask me again" check box.  When the user checks the checkbox, the dialog never shows up again.  The shell API .dll exports this function by ordinal only.  The entrypoint  is ordinal 185 for ASCII and 191 for unicode. */


public static extern int SHMessageBoxCheck(


Declare Function SHMessageBoxCheck Lib "shlwapi.dll" (TODO) As TODO


/* We use the Windows Shell function SHMessageBoxCheck, so we have to define this parallel enum of the definitions in winuser.h. */


Raymond Chen, a popular Microsoft blogger, recommends that you not worry about leaving keys because it's per-user data anyway and in many environments it's preferable to leave it behind. Definitely do not try to enumerate all user profiles to remove the keys for the other users because in the case of roaming profiles you'll likely corrupt a lot of stuff. If you want to remove all traces of your program, one alternative is to write your own SHMessageBoxCheck dialog and store the preference wherever you want. Source:


    result = SHMessageBoxCheck(

[SHMessageBoxCheck] on MSDN

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