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hSection is a handle to a file mapping object that the function will use to create the DIB and can be NULL. If hSection is not NULL, it must be a handle to a file mapping object created by calling the CreateFileMapping function (otherwise CreateDIBSection will fail). Moreover, the CreateDIBSection function will locate the bitmap’s bit values at offset dwOffset in the file mapping object referred to by hSection. An application can retrieve the hSection handle by calling the GetObject function with the HBITMAP returned by CreateDIBSection.



hMapFile = CreateFileMapping(INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE, 0, PAGE_READWRITE, 0, 4096, "mIRC")

The CreateFileMapping function creates or opens a named or unnamed file mapping object for the specified file.

public static extern IntPtr CreateFileMapping(


Friend Shared Function CreateFileMapping( _


        _hMMF = Win32API.CreateFileMapping(_fs, Win32API.FileMapProtection.PageReadWrite, Int64.MaxValue, Name);


    private static extern IntPtr CreateFileMapping(IntPtr hFile, IntPtr lpAttributes, FileMapProtection flProtect, Int32 dwMaxSizeHi, Int32 dwMaxSizeLow, string lpName);


    internal static IntPtr CreateFileMapping(System.IO.FileStream File, FileMapProtection flProtect, Int64 ddMaxSize, string lpName)


        return CreateFileMapping(File.SafeFileHandle.DangerousGetHandle(), IntPtr.Zero, flProtect, Hi, Lo, lpName);

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