Helpful Tools (misc)
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Tools that are helpful for .NET interoperability with unmanaged code.
Name Link
ANTS Performance Profiler - .NET code profiler
Code Project - Simplify Native DLL Documentation (auto generates C# declarations from your C/C++ source comments) Addin for VS2003 - share all your cool .NET snippets
PINVOKE.NET Add-In for Visual Studio 2003 and 2005
SWIG C++->C# Interop Automation Tool
C# to/from VB.NET Translator - see results as you type. Very cool
P/Invoke Wizard - automates process of writing declarations
PInvoker - Native Dll Importer and .NET PInvoke Interface Assembly Generator

To use the Add-In in Visual Studio 2008, you need to make some modifications. See\PInvoke\KB200711000198.htm