HidD_GetManufacturerString (hid)
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Retrieves the string that identifies the device manufacturer

C# Signature:

[DllImport("hid.dll", CharSet=CharSet.Auto, SetLastError=true)]
static extern Boolean HidD_GetManufacturerString(
            SafeFileHandle HidDeviceObject,
            StringBuilder Buffer,
            Int32 BufferLength);

VB Signature:

    <DllImport("hid.dll", CharSet:=CharSet.Auto, SetLastError:=True)> _
    Friend Shared Function HidD_GetManufacturerString( _
        ByVal HidDeviceObject As SafeFileHandle, _
         ByVal Buffer As System.Text.StringBuilder, _
         ByVal BufferLength As Int32) As Boolean
    End Function

User-Defined Types:


Alternative Managed API:

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Note the use of CharSet.Auto in the DLL template.

Tips & Tricks:

Use of StringBuilder to create a variable to obtain the Manufacturer string instead of using MarshalAs. This approach is cleaner and doesn't require defining a Struct.

Sample Code:

StringBuilder manufacturerString = new StringBuilder(128);
bool returnStatus = HidD_GetManufacturerString(hidHandle, manufacturerString, manufacturerString.Capacity);
if (returnStatus)
     Console.WriteLine("Manufacturer name is {0}", manufacturerString.ToString());