SetPixel (gdi32)
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C# Signature:

static extern uint SetPixel(IntPtr hdc, int X, int Y, uint crColor);

User-Defined Types:



The SetPixel method sets the color of a specified pixel in this bitmap.

Tips & Tricks:

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Sample Code:


static extern int SetPixel(IntPtr hdc, int X, int Y, int crColor);

public int ColorToRGB(Color crColor)


    return crColor.B << 16 | crColor.G << 8 | crColor.R;


private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


    Graphics vGraphics = Graphics.FromHwnd(Handle);
    SetPixel(vGraphics.GetHdc(), 10, 10, ColorToRGB(Color.Red));


Alternative Managed API:

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SetPixel on MSDN