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SHEmptyRecycleBin (shell32)

C# Signature:

static extern int SHEmptyRecycleBin(IntPtr hWnd, string pszRootPath,
   uint dwFlags);

User-Defined Types:




Tips & Tricks:

If you are interested in this you might want to use the SHFileOperation to move things to the recycle bin.

Sample Code:

Here is a simple example of calling based on the above declaration. Specifying 'rootPath' will empty the recycle bin of a specific drive.

    public class ShellBin
        static extern int SHEmptyRecycleBin(IntPtr hWnd, string pszRootPath, uint dwFlags);

        //     No dialog box confirming the deletion of the objects will be displayed.
        const int SHERB_NOCONFIRMATION = 0x00000001;
        //     No dialog box indicating the progress will be displayed.
        const int SHERB_NOPROGRESSUI = 0x00000002;
        //     No sound will be played when the operation is complete.
        const int SHERB_NOSOUND = 0x00000004;

        public static void EmptyRecycleBin()
            BinUtils.EmptyRecycleBin ( string.Empty );

        public static void EmptyRecycleBin( string rootPath )
            int hresult = SHEmptyRecycleBin(IntPtr.Zero, rootPath,

Alternative Managed API:

Omnicoder's Managed Windows API:


FYI, couldn't find documentation for this but if the recycle bin is already empty, it will return -2147418113 (0x8000FFFF (E_UNEXPECTED))

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