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readconsoleoutput (kernel32)

C# Signature:

    /* Reads character and color attribute data from a rectangular block of character cells in a console screen buffer,
        and the function writes the data to a rectangular block at a specified location in the destination buffer. */
    [DllImport("kernel32.dll", EntryPoint = "ReadConsoleOutputW", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode, SetLastError = true)]
    internal static extern BOOL ReadConsoleOutput(
        SafeConsoleHandle hConsoleOutput,
        /* This pointer is treated as the origin of a two-dimensional array of CHAR_INFO structures
        whose size is specified by the dwBufferSize parameter.*/
        [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPArray), Out] CHAR_INFO[,] lpBuffer,
        COORD dwBufferSize,
        COORD dwBufferCoord,
        ref SMALL_RECT lpReadRegion);

User-Defined Types:

    //these may be defined elsewhere on this site, but it seems handy to have them
    // all in one place

    //CHAR_INFO struct, which was a union in the old days
    // so we want to use LayoutKind.Explicit to mimic it as closely
    // as we can
    private struct CHAR_INFO
        internal char UnicodeChar;
        internal char AsciiChar;
        [FieldOffset(2)] //2 bytes seems to work properly
        internal UInt16 Attributes;

    //COORD struct
    private struct COORD
        public short X;
        public short Y;

    //SMALL_RECT struct
    private struct SMALL_RECT
        public short Left;
        public short Top;
        public short Right;
        public short Bottom;



Tips & Tricks:

Please add some!

Sample Code:

    class Program
    static void Main()
        using (var cb = new Console())
        var ainfoArray = new ConsoleApi.CHAR_INFO[4, 10];
        for (int e = 0; e < 4; e++)
            for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
            switch (e)
                case 0:
                ainfoArray[e, i] = new ConsoleApi.CHAR_INFO
                    UnicodeChar = 'a',
                    Attributes = ConsoleApi.Attribute.Gray

                case 1:
                ainfoArray[e, i] = new ConsoleApi.CHAR_INFO
                    UnicodeChar = 'b',
                    Attributes = ConsoleApi.Attribute.Red

                case 2:
                ainfoArray[e, i] = new ConsoleApi.CHAR_INFO
                    UnicodeChar = 'c',
                    Attributes = ConsoleApi.Attribute.SkyBlue

                case 3:
                ainfoArray[e, i] = new ConsoleApi.CHAR_INFO
                    UnicodeChar = 'd',
                    Attributes = ConsoleApi.Attribute.Yellow

            xI = 0,
            yI = 0;

            xII = 10,
            yII = 4;

            xx = (SHORT) (xI + xII - 1),
            yy = (SHORT) (yI + yII - 1);

        var from = new ConsoleApi.COORD() { X = xI, Y = yI };
        var end = new ConsoleApi.COORD() { X = xII, Y = yII };
        var position = new ConsoleApi.SMALL_RECT() { Left = xI, Right = xx, Top = yI, Bottom = yy };
        if (ConsoleApi.WriteConsoleOutput(
            cb.StdOutput, ainfoArray, end, from, ref position))

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