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dwmextendframeintoclientarea (dwmapi)
This function extends the Aero composition further into a given window, given the distances from the sides.

C# Signature:

static extern int DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea(IntPtr hwnd, ref MARGINS margins);

VB.NET Signature:

<DllImport("dwmapi.dll")> _
Private Shared Function DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea(ByVal hwnd As IntPtr, ByRef margins As MARGINS) As Integer
End Sub

User-Defined Types:



Use the DwmIsCompositionEnabled function to determine whether Aero is enabled.

Alternative Managed API:

Download the 'VistaBridge Sample Library' from once downloaded, open the project and then build it (if you want to look through all the code, examine the files in the \Library or \Interop folders). You can now take the DLL from VistaBridge\bin\debug\ and add a reference to it in your project, as well you must add a using statement for each of the different VistaBridge modules. For Example:

using Microsoft.SDK.Samples.VistaBridge.Interop or .Library or .Properties or .Services - Depending on your needs.

The VistaBridge project includes API's for many other Vista Features (such as the TaskDialog, Vista OpenFile and SaveFile Dialogs, and of course the Aero Glass Effects) to try these out, run the VistaBridge Project.

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